Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join?

Simply (contact us)

Do I need to have my own insurance cover if I work through Target?

No, one of the benefits of being a Target employee is that we provide insurance cover, free of
charge. The following insurance policies are inclusive of our service:

  • £10m Employers Liability insurance
  • £5m Public & Products Liability insurance
  • £2m Professional Indemnity insurance

Do I need to have a P45 in order to join you?

Preferably yes as this will ensure you are paid using the correct tax code from the start. If, however,
you do not have a P45 you can complete a P46 (Download a P46 here)

How often am I paid?

Target operates a ‘pay when paid’ payroll system so as soon as we receive the funds from your agency, we will pay you.

How often will the agency pay?

This will depend on your agency’s specific payment terms. We recommend that you submit your
timesheets to us on a regular basis so that we can raise invoices as soon as possible

How will I be paid?

We utilise the Faster Payments System (FPS) which the vast majority of banks now use. This means that once we send funds to you they should reach your account within 2 hours. If your bank does not use FPS we will pay you via BACS which usually takes three working days for funds to clear. Alternatively, you can request us to pay you via CHAPS which means that you’ll receive the funds the same day, however, the bank will levy a £25 fee for this method of payment

Will I receive a pay slip?

Yes, you will receive a pay slip each and every time you are paid

How do I claim expenses?

With Target, claiming your expenses is simple and easy. You submit your expenses at the same time as submitting your timesheets and we process these at no extra charge to you

Is Target a Managed Service Company (MSC)?

No, Target is not a Managed Service Company. When you join Target you are employed and we pay you via one PAYE structure

Will I have to worry about IR35?

No, as you are employed by Target, you will be out of scope of IR35

What is Target’s position in regards to the Agency Workers Regulations (AWR)?

Target only engages with contractors working in the capacity of ‘Professional’. Under R.3 (2) (b) of the agency workers regulations "Professionals" are exempt from the rights associated with this legislation. For further information, please contact us.

I have more than one contract, is this OK?

Yes, we can accommodate multiple contracts

Can you help with my personal tax return at the end of the year?

Yes, you can make use of one of our strategic partners who will assist you in completing your tax return.

Can I refer a friend of mine to you?

We would be delighted to help any of your friends or colleagues who might wish to use our service. To show our appreciation for recommending our business, we would offer you an attractive referral bonus, ask one of our team for more details about our referral process